Neil Erikson’s Official Statement on Christchurch

Greetings fellow Australian’s,

I would like to start with Condemning the Shooting that took place in Christchurch, I or anyone I associate with do not condone any actions that would lead to murder or damage our agenda – which the shooting succeeded at doing both.

Although the killer is being compared to myself and my associates ideals by the Left Wing Media it is not true. My mission is and has always been to use comedy and legal means to change the culture and NEVER to Kill anybody.

Killing people on mass would only further isolate and marginalize us even more and add fuel to the already hysterical left. I believe this event won’t highly damage our progress in the long run but slow it down in the next coming months.

I have stated that this attack was “KARMA” and I still stand by my original comments, Although the Media have used this statement to attack myself greatly and even assuming I condoned the Killing – This is not true.

I’m just stating the obvious, that i’m surprised that this hasn’t happened already in response to the constant Islamic Terror Attacks on Australia and the west. It was a matter of time that somebody would crack.

Since this event myself and other Nationalists have been attacked constantly and compared to the killer in the Fake News Media. This will have the opposite affect they are hoping for.

The Australian Media are looking for a goat to sacrifice as pay back for the Christchurch shooting and Senator Fraser Anning, Myself and a dozen other Nationalists are being prepped for the fire.

Do not back down Nationalists now is the time to rise and defend what is ours and let the Media and Leftists Hysteria eat their own.

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